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Third Rock Sanitation Solutions (TRSS)


We are aware of the changing desires and needs of our customers. In order to meet these desires, the use of innovative products is always the focus of our attention. It is because of this that we see it as a honor to provide you with our products. In the past we have shown with various projects that no challenge is too big. Service and quality are the greatest priorities to us. We see ourselves as flexible and service oriented to our customers.

In addition we not only strive to have satisfied customers, but perhaps even more to have satisfied end-users of our products; the visitors of your event, festival, camp site, concert, sports event, fairs and trade shows, and so forth. We add great value to a fruitful collaboration with you as our customer and aim at the long term. Because of this, we remain critical of ourselves and are always open to your suggestions for optimizing our products and our service.

Strengthened by our years of experience and the solid knowledge of the various markets, we are positive about the future. We are also convinced that we will be in a position to continue to serve all of our customers optimally.

TRSS is specialized in renting out products concerning sanitation solutions: toilets, urinals, wash basins and showers. Criteria concerning these products are as follows:

  • Innovation
  • Focused on solutions
  • Creativity
  • Value for money
  • Savings costs: water, waste water, transport, labor, time
  • Applicability
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Company Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Sustainability
  • Standard and tailor made projects, with proven and reliable products
  • And many more…

Company social responsibility has a high priority in our company. Within our company policy, we strive towards long term relationships with our clients.

Special projects

TRSS is an outstanding partner when you are in need for a sanitary solution. Whether it concerns a regular set up for your event with proven and reliable products like the POP UP3, UReo, ReFresh or Tented Showers, or if you are in need of temporary (high capacity) sanitary solutions for refugees camps, visitors to a concert, campers at a festival or your staff during a (major) rebuilding, we can offer you a solid, value for money solution!

TRSS has all the knowledge and expertise to fulfill your specific needs requirements that come with these kind of projects. We continuously explore relevant innovations and techniques in order to improve ourselves and our product range.

The POP UP3, UReo, ReFresh and Tented Showers are standard products, ready to use, tested under extreme circumstances and proven to be reliable in every set up.

Look around on our website and get inspired by our sustainable solutions, the uniqueness of our products , the amount of ways to conquer your sanitation problems. Get rid of the chemical toilets, get green, get the best solution that is offered in the world. Ask us about you!

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